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Coming Clean The Halls are something of a unique feature in Mayo a husband and wife team running a thriving family cleaning business
cheap jerseys china since 1995, and mopping up a bucketful of accreditations along the way. This husband and wife team have no problem working together, as each has his/her own work remit. Both devise strategy, Lorraine deals with finance, accounts and HR, and John devises contracts and quotations, ensures standards are upheld, meets clients, and carries out work when required. As the only master textile cleaner in Ireland, and one of only two Woolsafe
cheap jerseys approved registered inspectors, John Hall, MD of The Cleaning Corporation, is considered one of the country most qualified and experienced voices in the cleaning industry. The Cleaning Corporation was the first carpet cleaning company in Ireland to be Woolsafe certified and is amongst the few companies in Ireland to have achieved full accreditation to the National Carpet Cleaners Association.
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this: Opening weekend of 2009, we played Chicago on Sunday night. I sat next to a group of about six Bears fans. I asked
cheap nfl jerseys what they thought of it all and they said this: "I can’t believe how nice everyone is here. If you wore Packer stuff to Soldier Field, someone would try to pick a fight with you." Vic: Team jerseys shouldn’t be the equivalent of gang colors. It’s not an issue in Green Bay and that’s something about which this franchise, this fan base and this place on the map should be proud. I am. It lifts my spirits to think there are still places of civility in American sports. That really resonated with me. We need to make sure sporting events continue to be happy places. Daniel from Desert Shores, CA I’m a big Packers fan in California and the Packers are coming down to San Diego this season. Should
cheap jerseys I go all out and show team spirit? Vic: Go all out and feel team
cheap nfl jerseys china spirit, Daniel, but please be careful how you express it. Roy from Eagle River, WI Have there ever been any officials elected to the

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Glasgow Pavilion takes centre stage in new documentary about history of tiny playhouse IT’S one of the most famous stages in Scottish culture. From Mrs Brown to Billy Connolly, Rikki Fulton, Sydney Devine and the Krankies, the Pavilion Theatre in Glasgow has been the breeding ground for some of the most successful stage stars in the UK. Based on a regular staple of family fun such as the panto and night time bawdy laughs from star regulars including Mrs Brown’s alter ego Brendan O’Carroll, general manager Iain Gordon, 59, said he was delighted to let the TV audience
cheap nfl jerseys in behind the curtain for the programme on BBC1 Scotland on Thursday night. He said: "The programme is a great advert for
authentic cheap jerseys the Pavilion. I don’t think people realise exactly what we do to put the panto on here, and we were filmed from the very start of The Wizard of Never Woz, making scenery and preparing costumes. "Mark was as passionate about this place as me. He came here a lot in the 90s and he has
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in the line of duty. It receives all of its funding for the ride from
cheap nfl jerseys china individual donations and sponsors. Any additional funds are donated to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial or the state law officers memorial. This year, APD officers Ward and Carye Adkins are joining officers from the Houston area, Louisiana and Iowa. The Police Unity Tour began in 1997 with about 20 riders. Participation has grown to more than 2,500 officers. Ward said he felt called to participate after the loss of APD officer Rodney Holder. "To me, it’s a great honor to be a part of this team," Ward said. Ward said he has met several family members of fallen officers who participate in the tour. "You may come up and start talking to somebody, and their brother, their sister, their mom, their dad, their
cheap jerseys husband, was killed in the line of duty, and this is how they’re coping with it," Ward said. In addition to raising awareness, the tour raises money for the upkeep of
cheap jerseys the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

rubah tanggal dan waktu di Centos

Untuk melakukan perubahan waktu pada centos (linux) dengan menggunakan command line adalah seperti di bawah ini

date nnddhhmm[[cc]yy][.ss]


  • nn = month of the year (01 to 12)
  • dd = day of the month (01 to 31)
  • hh = hour of the day (00 to 23)
  • mm = minute of the hour (00 to 59>
  • cc = The first to digits of the year
  • yy = The last two digits of the year
  • .ss = The seconds

Google Adsense & Western Union

hari ini coba lihat pembayaran dari google adsense, dan ternyata sudah di lakukan pembayaran oleh google. Beberapa waktu lalu gue uda rubah cara pembayaran nya dengan menggunakan Western Union Quick Cash.  Dan gue langsung catet Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN), dan cek dimana tempat yang bisa cairin Western Union Quick Cash. Untuk detail nya bisa klik di sini

Dan gue milih untuk cairin di Bank Mandiri, tinggal gue kasih tau nomer MTCN nya sama kasih KTP , CS nya langsung kasih formulir untuk gue isi dan bayar 6000 perak untuk materei. Setelah itu langsung ke teller untuk ambil duitnya.

Dalam hitungan waktu yang sangat singkat, aman dan biaya sangat minim, duit adsense uda bisa cair. Jadi lupakan soal pembayaran dengan check. ganti cara pembayaran adsense anda sekarang juga dengan Western Union Quick Cash :D

Check dari Amazon

Beberapa minggu yang lalu sempet bantuin sodara untuk cairin check dari amazon, dan ternyata susah banget yah nyari bank yang mau bantuin dengan biaya murah dan syarat cepat. Pertama kali nyoba di BCA, ternyata arus memiliki tabungan Giro (syarat buka giro harus punya NPWP dan setoran awal minimum 5 juta), akhirnya pindah lagi ke BNI46, ternyata syaratnya lebih ekstrim , arus uda jadi nasabahnya selama 3 tahun. Busyet dah itu mah emang nga niat bantu kali hahahaha

Akhirnya setelah ngider2 dan nanya2 ke banyak bank lain kaya lippo, permata, citibank, standart charter dan dengan hasil kosong, akhirnya nyoba di bank mandiri yang ternyata bisa di bantu asalkan memiliki rekening tahapan di Mandiri (tanpa syarat harus berapa lama menjadi nasabah), cuman biaya untuk mencairkannya kurang lebih 40$ hehehe lumayan besar yah, tapi dari pada nga cair :p

Jadi saran gue kalo mau cairin check di amazon mendingan jangan jumlah yang kecil, kasian kena potongannya gede banget.

Template baru

uda lama nga update blog ini, eh nemu template bagus dan gue rasa sesuai ama gaya gue hehehehe.

Bingung cari file rapidshare?

Beberapa website telah menyediakan fasilitas untuk melakukan pencarian file-file di dalam salah satunya adalah ,disini kita cukup memasukan kata-kata dan akan muncul link-link yang berhubungan dengan kata kunci yang dimasukan. Dan salah satu yang dilihat dari website tersebut adalah link Buy This Script, link tersebut masih belum aktif tapi nantinya akan dibuka informasi bagi setiap orang yang ingin memiliki website dengan fitur seperti itu.

Dilengkapi dengan pengaturan adsense yang baik, serta instalasi yang cukup mudah dan modifikasi yang dapat dilakukan terhadap iklan-iklan yang ingin ditampilkan. Anda berminat untuk mencoba?

Client does not support authentication protocol

Hari ini mencoba untuk instal mysql dan mysql front sebagai client aksesnya. Ketika saat login muncul error “Client does not support authentication protocol“, lalu browsing di internet dan menemukan solusinya.

  1. Masuk ke dalam shell MySQL nya, sampai muncul seperti mysql>
  2. lalu ketikan:
    • mysql> UPDATE mysql.user SET Password = OLD_PASSWORD(‘password_baru_anda’)
      -> WHERE Host = ‘some_host’ AND User = ‘some_user’;
    • mysql> FLUSH PRIVILEGES;
  3. Setelah itu silahkan coba lagi untuk login ke dalam database tersebut.